Cancellation policy

Please check if the information is as agreed. Please contact us if any problem should occur, or if you see that the reservation order is not correct.

The guest may cancel the reservation without any cost no later than 7 days before the date of arrival. The host has the right to charge for the reservation if this cancellation was made less than 7 days before the arrival date or if the guest does not show. The room/cabin is available from 15.00 (3.p.m.) on the arrival date to 12.00 (12.p.m.) on the date of departure.

No-show (if the reservation has not been canceled) the service provider has the right to retain 100% of the whole cost of the booking.

Booking is prepaid on our booking site or via partners.

It is not allowed to bring dogs to most rental units. However, we have a few units that are available for dogs. Contact us if you want to bring your dog. There will also be an extra fee for the dog.

The client that made the reservation is responsible for any damage to the campsite in case of negligent or intentional behavior.

If any events out of our control should occur, (strike, lockout, fire, or similar events) the host has the right to cancel the agreement and does not have a responsibility to compensate.